Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 1 of Photo Challenge

***Day One- A Picture of myself and15 facts about me***
#1- My full name is Alyssa Lee McEwen, my first name comes from Alyssa Milano cause she was my mothers favorite "movie" star when she was a kid and Lee is the middle name that has been passed down on my mothers side of the family for many generations
#2- I am 5 feet and 9.75 inches Tall.
#3- My most favorite color is Lime Green, but I also like Pink
#4- I love Gerbera Daises and Lilys
#5- My favorite summer memories are raising livestock mainly lambs along with family trips
#6- I have spent my Birthdays since I was 12 at the Salt Lake County Fair working with my fabulous animals and loved every minute of it, even for my 16th brithday when my amazing 4H club completely embarrassed me
#7- I say you are funny to people apparently more then I realize and I am trying to break the habit but as CERTAIN people keep pointing out how bad I am failing at it.
#8- My favorite animals are Giraffe and Lambs.
#9- Chocolate Chips cookies are my favorite and will melt my heart at anytime! Also Oreos are my other weakness!
#10- My favorite board game would have to be Ticket to Ride!!
#11- Running is a passion of mine especially in the warmer weather!
#12- Chili and Fresh Mountain Air are my two most favorite smells in the world!
#13- When I get into a book, I will not set it down until I finish it!
#14- I love Tinkerbell and Belle
#15- Slippers are my favorite pair of "clothing" and would own a million different pairs if I could!

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