Friday, January 7, 2011

So for my 2011 resolution I decided I was going to work on a blog at least once a month. So here is my first attempt. This next week I start my second semester of college. Which seems completely crazy to me and feels as though this last year has flown by and my life has changed dramatically. This time last year I was a senior in high school and everything seemed perfect from track to having Kyle around whom now is on a mission and still has 17 months left and I miss him more then I could ever even imagine! College last semester was such an amazing adventure and I just can't wait for this new one! I have made some amazing friends and strengthen past ones! Also I have come to appreciate my parents and all they have done for me! Growing up sucks but looking back on high school and everything else I am proud of what I have done for the most part. I never realized how much my parents did for me even everyday things but now I know and Love them for it! They are amazing and I love them. Moving away also has brought me closer to my siblings and also Chelsea! This winter break I got to spend quite a bit of time with them and loved every moments of it! Mine and Ben's nightly talks were the best, I couldn't ask for a better brother.. Although leaving him breaks my heart every time especially when he tells me I am an abandoner but when I come home his huge teddy bear hugs are the very best!! Then Caitlyn, oh Caitlyn I love that 12 year old although she may have huge attitude, but she's still the best little sister who I love dearly and would do anything for! Now Chelsea throws a totally mix to the family but it's great and I love her for it!! I miss being so close to her all the time even though she picks on me all the time. She could only same things with out me getting upset and makes sure to give me reality checks but it's great! Right now I love how life is going except for the job searching part could be easier that would be very nice!

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